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Mira's starting stats?

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I loved Mira, myself.  With all ranged weapon feats and a pair of good blasters, she'd usually pick off enemies before I had a chance to close in  :D

Those wrist launchers are another nifty tool. I love firing adhesive grenades at long range to pin a group down, followed by several explosive rockets.


She also has a LOT of skill points and class skills - enough to max out three or four skills without a problem.


People focus on her total stat points...well, if built right, her Strength, Wisdom, and Charisma are irrelevant. Just beef up her Dexterity for accuracy, and perhaps add a few points in Constitution for implants. For force powers, don't bother giving her attacks that require saving throws - go for the beneficial powers that don't care about saves. She's not the toughest NPC in your group...but she holds her own.

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