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I know the PC version seems to have inherited a fair amount of bugs, my question is this:


Did the skills get fixed? Do the defense powers actually give defense now? Does Master Speed give it's defense bonus? Does Master Fury give the extra attacks it was supposed to?


As a side note, did anything happen with the workbench/breakdown business? Does the bench use the repair skill of whatever character is using the bench to calculate component yield... or is it still only the PCs' repair skill that matters? If it's the latter, did they change the medical bench to the same sort of scheme (only PC's treat injury skill matters for breakdown, not current using char.)?


Curious what all got fixed.

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Well, I'm about to play a Marauder, so I can check on that....


Things I've noticed -


Infinite LS/DS loops at Telos (Ilthorian base attacked)/Dantooine (Droid) appear to have been fixed.


Infinite XP point (Hssiss spawn) has been left in. Interesting.


I believe the Force powers HAVE been fixed. The shield line seems to be giving me defense...haven't checked if the Speed line has, but it's good for the attacks anyway : ).


*EDIT* - Just confirmed at least Burst of Speed was giving me +2 defense.

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The biggest bugs I've gotten so far (I'm doing my "last" planet, Onderon/Dxun now) is the fact that dialog likes to skip. I've had to go to the messages screen many a time to read it. I also had one crash near the start of the game. Plus when using a Cyan lightsaber, it wouldn't shut off. (which is okay, but creepy when you see it going through your PC's hands) Plus I've been unable to tell

Vogga the Hutt that I broke up G0-T0's yacht.



Overall, though, it's a great game. It's been making me think about things I wouldn't usually think about or would shy away from thinking about. Like if you had a chance to do something all over again, which was for the greater good but would hurt a lot of people, would you? That question is very haunting throughout the game.


I never seem to have the right people in my party to gain influence. That's very annoying.


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