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Favorite lightsaber style?

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What is your favorite lightsaber style?


Most look fairly insignificant to me. I may try ferocity or perseverance, but the impact of the styles seems fairly trivial. And having a +1 extra attack, while it may be one of the better bonuses, hardly seems like a big plus in a game where you already have double-bladed lightsabers and force speed, but there is no "cleave" feat. The one that provides a defense bonus against multiple opponents may also be useful.

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I think the only times I've ever used a stance are against the 5 clone sisters and two 'jedi' masters in the game. The group one really did help against the sistas, but I don't think whatever form I used made a lick of difference vs. the jedi.


The stances are essentially useless by the time you have them all since your attack should be so high that missing a strike is a theoretical thing.


If the PCs graphical stance changed, i.e. he/she visibly held his/her lightsabre differently or stood in an interesting way, I might have used them more.


Or if the game was harder.

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