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T3-M4, can he become a fighter this time?

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Iv'e been checking out gamebanshee.com's items selection on Kotor II and Iv'e noticed a couple of items that only can be used by T3. It's my belive that if T3 has those items equipped he actually hold his own in combat! (w00t) That would be great... I has always loved the little guy... :cool:



The items in question: the "renewable droid shield", the "shock arm" and the "droid sustaining unit".




Shield; Absorbs energy, sonic, cold, heat, ion 80 pt total.


Upgrade; Regeneration 3


"Arm"; Damage electricity. At each level (up tp level 10) T3 damages 1-6 more damge with this arm. = level 10 (10-60 damage!!) If the enemy saves it with a fortitude save of DC 5 + the attakers level, the damage is reduced by half; level 10 (10-16 - 50% = 5-30 damage)


If he had those items equipped, he would beat HK-47 anytime...





NOTE: those items I listed, can only be used by T3-M4. Not GO-TO or HK-47!

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Yeah, he's actually really handy in combat. The shock arm is great and, IIRC, you get it pretty much right at the beginning, and it automatically hits and does good amounts of damage, so he's pretty good in combat. Probably not Jedi-good, but before you jedi-ize your party I'd use him frequently.

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don't forget the warfare upgrade....


imagine him firing a fully upgraded mandalorian heavy repeater...


the droids have some serious advantages as ranged combatants in the game...agrinium armor will block 50% of all energy attack...and some of the high end armor is even better, i think..


actually, as you go up in level, the droid stuff like plasma thrower and molten cannon become less powerful in comparison to your pistols and rifles...but its still fun to toast someone with flame throwers...


yeah...hk and t3 and goto are all seriously powerful with the right armor in this game... :thumbsup:

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