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Poll on STR? What good is it

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Sorry to repeat this question, but I'm curious and Obsidian pulled down the old XBox board before I could see y'all's answers.


In KOTOR, I got to where I'd leave Revan's STR around 10. While I thought it was worthwhile to avoid the -1 damage penalty while using melee weapons at STR 8, I didn't see any value in STR beyond that. Once you had a lightsaber and your to-hits were governed by DEX (and I don't think STR added to damage using lightsabers) STR was completely useless.


STR seems even more pointless to me in TSL, since the Melee Finesse feat allows you to use DEX to govern your use of melee weapons too. Since DEX also helps with ranged weapons, lightsabers and maybe even skills like Stealth (not sure if that's correct) I've started leaving my STR at 8 (other attributes are all at 14 to avoid the 2-for-1 pricetag for going above 14 during the initial build) and grabbing the finesse feat right away. I also use ranged weapons, stealth and mines a lot, so most times my enemies are dead before they get close enough for STR to matter.


On the other hand, I've never played KOTOR as soldier or guardian and I'm unlikely to ever go with guardian in TSL, so maybe it's just my style of play.


Do any of you use STR? What kind of PC build or playing style do you get the most benefit from high STR. How high of STR is about right?


Likewise, is there anyone else otu there with no use for STR and how do you manage without it?

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This doesn't require a poll. Fair enough discussion, but not needing a poll. Oh, and thread moved.

Thanks for moving it. I realized too late I stuck it in storyline.


I didn't realize making it a poll was some kinda hassle. Why's it a problem (not that I'll ever do it again)? A few people answered the poll without writing in. Maybe it should be made more clear that the poll tool is reserved for important questions like "what color is your lightsaber" and "which NPC would you rather take to the drive-in?"



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I always leave strength and constitution at 8. I invest in the other skills because I feel they are more worthwhile the way I play...

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Sounds like it's your playing style. If you use blasters and mines and stealth then of course strength's not going to help you. But I take vibroblades (especially in the beginning) stock up on flurry and burst of speed and run around enemy to enemy smackin' em around.

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i definately prefer strength to dexterrity. just load up on str and con; screw dex. walking tank who can b*tch slap just about anyone...


I agree. I ensure I have a decent wisdom for force points especially in the early parts of the game. After wis its strength. THe last game I played as a DS Marauder had a str of 46 after all the buffs(eq and force powers).

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I always leave strength and constitution at  8.  I invest in the other skills because I feel they are more worthwhile the way I play...


Yeah, I was leaving CON low initially as well, but now I turn it up to 14 with everything else so I can use some of the halfway decent implants. Lately I been pouring extra points into DEX when I get them until I go into a prestige class and then start putting the extra points in WIS.


Thanks for the rest a y'all's tips too. Sounds like you can make the Exile into a one-man Death Star if you pour a lot of points into STR and gear up with STR-boosting equipment. I've gotten my DEX and WIS up into the mid 30s (not at the same time, I'd have to switch gear depending on the situation) but maybe that's partly cuz I've been splitting points between the two.


Thanks for the explanation Phosphor. Maybe y'all oughta just take the poll tool off if you don't want people using it. Obsidian dropped a couple notches in my estimation over this. If the company retains the KOTOR contract, you'll probably get my business there, but I won't be going outta my way to find other Obsidian titles. Just a slightly slighted customer.

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Its a good thing they didn't make strength determine how many items you can carry, you would have been "incumbered" after about the second hour :lol:"

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