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Does charisma do anything at all?

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Sounds like a good tactic.  :wub:


Every even integer increase in Charisma will result in opposed force point reduction.  That is, everytime the charisma modifers goes up, opposite aligned force powers get cheaper.




in another words, its useless...


ok, force body and lightning storm=approx 20 points vitality and force


lightning storm at full lightside=40 points force...


you would need charisma at 50 :huh::huh::huh: to begin to match force body savings...


and its not really like you need many of them for most battles...i only bother at korriban spawn point...


to put it bluntly, even if you're a low wis guardian, you usually by the time you have force storm approx 3-4 castings before force depleted...


and usually i prefer to cast once, then slash with dual lightsabres...



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You got me there  :ph34r: 

But since you are playing a character that hasn't always been good, it's not a far stretch to say you have knowledge of both light and dark powers is it? And what's wrong with using force powers of opposite alignment? Can't see way a dark side player shouldn

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That's funny, cause implants in real life raise your charisma too, with certain people...


doesn't the dancing dress you get in nar shadda raise charisma too?


(if pc is female)


atton: you know, that's not really the best thing to wear in the jungle...


pc: shut up, i need the charisma bonus!




oh wait, that's persuade... :wub:

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