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Favorites Backstories

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the most detailed has to be kreias.  my personal favorite (although i dont think it was fleshed out completely) was miras.


I actually like Handmaidens back story!


Altho I think everyones back story could have been more extensive to be honest!


Mira and Atton also had interesting backstories.

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I would have to say Attons... for the pure shock value. It was very odd that after dropping that big old... poop in the punch bowl, you just train him as a Jedi and all is well. No one mentions it again... and he still plays the "third grade boy in love" and follows the PC (female) around making puppy dog eyes, but refuesing to actually speak to her. :lol: There really could've (and should've) been more to him.


Keria was the most fleshed out charater on board... and her voice made her even more fantastic. :wacko:

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What is atton's backstory? I dont know if I got the whole story when I was playing but I didn't find it that interesting? Can somebody please tell me it?




Atton has a connection to the force that he didnt know about. After the Mandalorian Wars he was trained as a assassin in a elite group by Revan to hunt down and capture Jedis that had not choosen to follow Revan during the Jedi civil War.


One of his targets was a female Jedi who opened Attons eyes to the force and breifly let him touch the force.


Atton killed this Jedi but then ran away and hid so he to was not taken to one of Revans Jedi torture camps.


Atton had been hideing from his past all this time until he met the exile.


Jest of story plays out in game.


Thats the condensed version of it, was done really well!

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Well, I didn't seem to press the characters much for a backstory save Handmaiden. She had a really cool one, her mom was a Jedi and such and we found she was Echani and Atton is too.


I never pressed Atton, even though I have always heard he had the best. I will on my next playthrough, though I also reall want to play KOTOR one more time before playing KOTOR II once more.


Anyway, can you guys post Caderous' cuz I wanna know what happened to him. The farthest I got was Revan killed the first Mandalore, told Canderous to go back and reclaim the mantle of Mandalore, and Revan gave Canderous the first helmet.


What was Mira's too? Other than having a life-debt to Hanhar that she can't get rid of.

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What's so interesting with Atton's story? Tell me please...  (tag the response)


His backstory was much more than Kal wrote. He wasn't supposed to kill the Jedis, but he did... and he *liked* it. He enjoyed hunting them down and killing or, even better, breaking them and truning the to the Sith. That's why he can blank out his mind. It is that skill that allowed him to get close to the Jedi... close enough to kill... with explosives or poisons. He sounded like one psycho-bas... ummm... guy. :) Then a Jedi (a woman) comes to *him* and says that she is there to save him... save him from what he was becoming... that he was worth saving... and this ticks him off huge. He starts to choke the life out of her and at that moment, she opens her mind to him so that he can feel the Force. It is so beautiful and wonderful... that he can't stand it... and he loved her (for showing him this and for thinking him worthy of salvation) and hated her (for showing him what he had killed and for throwing away her life trying to save him)... so he kills her. It is after that that he flees the Sith and hides out on Nar Shadda.

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I just unlocked Mandalore's backstory and the part about Revan was great.


Spoiler... on a Spoiler forum :blink:


He tells you that Revan tells him that he (mines was a she at the time) needs to go to the Outer Rim. Canderous asks if he can go and Revan laughs in his face draws their lightsaber and beats him handily and left him to basically die, but not really. He says that he was no match for Revan at his powered up form and he is gathering the clans so that he can beat Revan up. Funny crap if you ask me. Maybe that's why he is in that life support get up.


HK's backstory was great too.


Any backstory that involves Revan is great.

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