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pen and paper KOTOR

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The closest thing you'll find to a 'guide' to the Old Republic are the TotJ comics. Supposedly KotOR was inspired somewhat by that series. AFAIK there are't any 'official' packages to help you set up a game like that. And as for fan-made packages, well, their guess is as good as yours.


In PnP, creativity is your friend. :lol:

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I have a fully fleshed out home brew of this. I've never been able to find an official version, but I've run dozens of campaigns. Two of which got to the final boss, but the first one got passed her and went on to find the "Eternal Empire" that is fought in the MMO. Fifteen races and twenty nine classes, the ability to go to any known planet and get into all sorts of crazy adventures or just stick with the main quest.


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