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Should've KOTOR II Had Revan At The End?

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Hello There :lol:



I just wanted to ask do you think Revan should've been seen with the exile at the end of KOTOR II? do you think it might've made a better ending if this happened?



what do you think???



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I dunno...depends on which side each person picked for "their" Revan. I think it would have been pretty interesting to see the Exile kneel before Darth Revan like he did before.


Darth Revan orchestrating the campaign and the Exile leading the Sith troops to victory...



(I'm a DS player)...but see what I mean? The combo's would be nuts.


DS Revan-LS Exile


DS Revan-DS Exile


LS Revan-DS Exile


LS Revan-LS Exile


The outcomes are incredible! (But for a DS-DS ending, yah I would've liked to seen the Exile bending the knee to Lord Revan).



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naaaaa, Like the others I think Revan should be saved for part 3. As frank said, the options would havce been nuts! hehehe


The biggest issue I see facing Obsidian for part 3 (if they include Revan that is) is what Revan is included? Male/female? Ls/darkside/neutral?


My money is on a Neutral Male (so they can fit in the real Bastila saga from first game).


I expect that if both Revan and the Exile included in part 3, the Exile (not Revan) will be the main character (mostly because the Exile is Obsidians creation completely (while Revan has ties to Bio-ware).


Either way, should make for a interesting and compelling part 3 :lol:

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In KOTOR III i think they should have the option for a LS/DS Reven male/female like they had for when you choose your old saber color. that would help the game play out how the palyer wants it to, and would mean a lot more content, and many difreent endings (w00t)


couldn't you choose that in KOTOR2?? (initial meeting w/ Atton)

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No.  I think Revan should be resolved in KoTOR III.  But I would have liked some concrete evidence of his continued existence.  I kept expecting to find Revan's body on Malachor V, after Carth said Revan had "failed" to protect them....


Same here. After Carth talks to you after the whole Telos episode, his only concern is Revan, and he tells you that if you see Revan, tell her that Carth is waiting for her.


Since you go to Malachor right after that, I was thinking "Ah, yeah. Here we go. It's time to see Revan. Wonder how they're going to pull this off?"


Next thing I know the game was over. Thanks for coming.

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