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As a community many of us have played on the various PWs out there. Some catering to RPers, some to hack and slashers, and some to both. Myself I think that it would be beneficial to new players to Player Worlds and old players looking for PWs that better suit their tastes if members of this community posted reviews of PWs that they have spent significant time on. If you have spent a full month on a PW, and have an enlightening and well thought out review to make please post it below.


Note: Multiple people can review the same PW. The same person can review multiple PWs.




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City of Arabel: I haven't played on this server in a long while so it may have changed. Rules are very hardcore, some intertesting quests, and neat DM 'events'. Crafting is up there. However, plenty of people on this server tend to think role-playing = sitting in town square and talking. Still, a solid if not deep PW.


Dungeon Adventures: Combat oriented. This server has probably the deepest combat AI for any NWN server/mod, I have seen. The monsters and areas are quite varied and the enies will call for help, will "lure" PCs, use all manner sof special abilities ala called shot, knockdown, and parry. The spellcasters use their spells intelligently including buffing allies, and the like. Half the base spells have been changed (some stronger some weaker), feats have been changed, you name it. Magical items are vast and varied. For now, the server allows up to level 20 though theat might be chnaged in the future. Right now, the awesome owner is on "vacation" so not much changes going on right now but normally he's there for rquests and many changes have occured because he was askd to. Good stuff. Like I said, this is combat oriented so don't go there expecting deep role-playing though role-playing your character is encouraged...


I'll probably add more later...


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The Vast: A small community, but with many excellent role-players and a very well-balanced game world. It requires no haks or downloads, and the DMs have made a beautiful, interesting world to explore. It's hard, but not seriously hard, and is definately geared towards low-level and low-magic adventuring.

On the downside it can be tricky to find something to do sometimes and the DMs aren't on a whole lot. It's very much a make your own fun kind of place, but there seems to be a never-ending sense of discovery for intrepid players.


Earthspur: This is a very hardcore PW, and death is extremely easy to find. The players are great and the world itself is huge with many different starting areas geared towards race and/or class. It uses the CEP and a couple of other small haks, but since most people have the CEP, the downloads needed are not cumbersome.

It's a mid to high level server, with a decent amount of magic (though more geared towards conventional methods of dispatching one's foes).

The biggest problem with the PW is early level tedium. You really need to be 6th level to have a hope of survival, and getting to that level is quite dull and monotonous. Fortunately, the powers that be there seem to be looking at ways of improving that.

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This PW is among the highest population of intense Role Players I have found in my NWN server travels. In peak seasons you will find about forty people on during the peak hours of the weekend, in low seasons you will find anywhere from ten to twenty people. The population is heavily weighted with American time zone players.

Haze is very much like an AD&D meets Sim game, with an infrastructure comprised of PCs government, guards, crafters and merchants. Historically the server has very few NPCs. The world is VERY low loot and low magic, with most weapons classified as crude, and thus having negatives to them. The realm is harsh for the explorer as it is permadeath, with no chance of IC rez. Prior to the server vault wipe the level range was from lvl 2 (the level you begin your quest on) to level 6 (only a handful of the entire server population ever achieved this level).



Haze allows for deep immersion in any given role. If you are a story teller and extreme RPer, and adventure isn

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The Argyle campaign setting is based in world where magic is feared and mages, and clerics without reputation, can be hunted as witches. The scripting team has developed a hak that emulates 3.5 e rules pretty well.


This is permadeath server, with intense RP.





Campaigns are run by DMs that include 3 to 9 characters at a time, and can be of high quality.

The lore is fresh and original if you are looking for an escape from Faerun.

Great PW lots of variety and little cheese.

Multiple characters are allowed on this server.

The server host allows modifications of your character

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