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Big Freakin' Grudge


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Yeah, it's GeForce 4 5200 w/ 256 MB... opinions not cared about.



Everything is running less than 30fps.


Yes, I know how to properly install drivers & hardware. I even updated my bios... nothing is working.


Uninstalled Drivers, powered down.

Switched in new video card.

Booted up.

Installed 66.93 Nvidia drivers (also tried 61.77)


Mega choppiness in games.

Updated Bios.

Still having mega choppiness in games.

Tried random trouble shooting.

Need help.


Suggestions while I wait for Nvidia to e-mail me back?

Stand Your Convictions and You Will Walk Alone.

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Seriously, get your money back and put in another ouple of months worth of savings. It would be worth it. I had a 5200 and upgraded to a 5700LE. I have ben kicking myself not doing that in the first place. Also there are plenty of places where you can get an LE for less than $150.


As for that card it could be a bad card.

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