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Examples of new dialouge options during third play

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Can anyone provide me with any new dialouge choice that are avalible during the third time in the game?


On my experimental 3rd play through, I chose a DS Female Guardian. When I entered Atton's prison cell on Peragus, he said "Are you an Angel?" followed by "I can't believe I just used that line, better to leave it for some poor kid to say" - something to this effect.


He then went on to say how he was meant to be left out of the game lol


- dr cloak

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I did and still don't have anything new...

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I didn't get anything new either. I've played LS, DS, and LS again. The game's given me the shaft in general though.



I think you have to beat the game similar to the previous game, with the exception of LS DS. You have to pick the same face and stuff. I don't know, but it's just a guess.

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Could it have anything to do with what you name your character?


I've notice that it will store characters with different names as spereate but if you start a new game with the same name it'll bring up all your old save files from your first game when you go to save it.

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