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System Requirements for the PC version

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Yeah, HW2 wasn't revolutionary, but in terms of gameplay I'm not sure how much you can follow up on something like HW with major changes.  It's fairly stable now at least, just some lockup issues with the server browser though.  If they would have had a good story instead of that bizarre holy trinity of hyperspace cores craziness it would have been great.  The design and the coolness still transcended that in parts though, like when you first encounter the keeper.  That was as cool as the garden of kadesh, though mostly for the music and that eyeball looking prow.  Multiplayer seems better differentiated in factions, though I'm not very good.  Apparently a Vagyr BC if used very carefully can destroy a Higgy pretty fast.


A little off topic, I know...


Yea, a Vaygr BC can destroy a Hiigaran Battlecruiser. You have to constantly move the ship during combat. Although it won't avoid the ion beams of the Hiigy BC, you have to ensure that the Vaygr BC's Trinity Cannon is facing the BC as it dishes out a lot of damage. Also, the heavy missile battery on the top of the ship does to quite a bit of damage aswell. Ofcourse, nothing matches up to the power of the heavy ion cannons...

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