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Handmaiden vs. Visus - (spoilers)


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I still need help with this......Kreia talked to the handmaiden and said some nasty stuff about me not trusting her but trusting visus and how close me and visus are getting. Then when i go talk to the handmaiden she is angry with me asks some questions about me and visus, then says that i can do with her as i will ...and she never talks to me again! I never get to spare with her a second time....what should I do?

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Who care's if the Handmaidens cranky, Visas is a heckuva lot better, IMHO.  Tell ya what, I'll take Visas for a night out on the town, and then, when the Handmaiden realizes that she's no longer a threat, after a few shots, you'll be back in her good graces in no time.  Sound like a plan? :(

Why not take them both for a night out on the town? Double the trouble, double the fun! (w00t)

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Yeah, now that Handmaiden's angry with you, be happy! And be glad you don't have to look at her marine cut! Oh, god that's disgusting. It's ugly on guys, and makes me throw up to look at it on girls.


Anyway, she's mad at you for talking to Visas? Then if I had replaced the character, I'd do a lot more than *talk* with Visas and if Handmaiden had a problem with it, I'd show her the airlock while we're in hyperspace.

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