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A few people have said how Nar Shaddaa is glitchy becuz the exchange never comes for you.


Ive played this game 2 time 1 dark and 1 light and never did i have a problem with Nar shaddaa


This is my third time through though and I seem to be stuck, Ive given the Mouse dude the 2000 credits ive pissed off some people who threaten me with the exchange, ive killed Saquesh or Visquis whatever one owns the refugee sector.


My question is- Is this trule a glitch? Have i forgotten one specific thing? Have i not done something required that i did in other files? If this is truly a glitch i need to know before i put 17 more hours into this looking for the damn thing to get me to the exchange.

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Amazingly enough its happened to me on my third and fourth games now, so re-starting isn't the answer. So basically I have a useless game unless my idea on how to fix it works.


I basically went into the x-box's memory and deleted all the saved stuff from Sith Lords. The games reacting as if its my first time playing by giving me advice, etc and I'll let you know if this fixes the bug. I'll post again when I get to Nar Shadda

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I've played through the game three times, twice light and once dark and this happened to me the second time through on lightside.


Each game I took the approach of slaughtering the Exchange and Serroco pplz pestering the refugee's but in my last game I also took out the fuzzy pazaak champ which might have helped since appearantly the exchange watches the tables.


The time I got stuck I had to pay fuzzy-bat boy the 2k cred's but I didnt beat the Nar Shadaa pazaak champ.

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