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Question for Bastilla Skywalker

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This maybe a stupid question but are you just being creative or did I miss somthing in the last game? Is Bastilla a Skywalker? If we found out in KOTOR I want to know but if it is revealed in KOTOR II then I dont want to know so just dont respond. It would be a cool tie in if it were the case but would raise questions as to why nobody in Episode 1 was familiar with the Skywalker name as I would imagine that Bastilla would be a rather historical figure among the Jedi. On the otherhand KOTOR was released after Episode 1 but Im sure the developers are creative enough to come up with a believable tie in or maybe Im just a Dork when it comes to Star Wars. After all it was the very 1st movie I ever saw in a Theatre and I was only 4 years old when it came out so you can imagine what kind of effect this can have on a young boys child hood. End result, 31 year old video game playing Star Wars dork, who should be doing his job but is too busy wit posts at a KOTOR II forum. Thank you Mr. Lucas for a never ending childhood please keep em coming.

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well for starters I wanted to name my self Bastilla Skywalker because Bastilla Shan is my favourite Character and for Skywalker its a famous well known star wars name and no one claimed it so I decided to name my self Bastilla Skywalker and yes I am creative!









Bastilla Skywalker



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