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Spoilers we can't easily avoid here!

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Awwww, I just went to enter this forum and I could see the thread name in the spoilers forum! Now my eyes are going to be instinctivly drawn to it everytime I come here :(

I just hope nobody(else) posts any spoiler threads with the name of the spoiler clearly in view without going into the spoilers forum, but what can be done.

Damn the separate release dates to hell. >_<

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Here is some purpose:


Do not include what the spoiler is in the name of the thread.


Is that better? I thought it might be a useful tip that everyone would have the common sense to think of anyway, but who knows with all of the new people that will enter the forums there is bound to be some trouble. There are probably going to be people who intentionally try to ruin the story for others, but they would not care about the above tip.

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