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New info on Charisma!

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Although I havn't got the game yet, being a non-Americn pc'er, someone at IGN does. He put up a scan of a page of the manual and I could make out some interesting info on charisma.


Apparently charisma will now reduce the penalties for using a force-power of the opposite allignment. So if you are lightside and want to use choke you can reduce the point cost if your charisma is high. ;)


Also charisma apparantly increases your partymembers chance to hit. :(


FINALLY SOME NEW INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I guess we need to think our starting stats more carefully, with intelligence and charisma being so important now, whereas in KOTOR you could just set them at 8.


Lets hope we can get something from lucasarts on their site.

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Thanks for the charisma info this will be pretty helpful in the game!

Where is the bell, wait for the bell, k i need the bell, wait the bell! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong! Ding bonda dong!


Kazic wants you.... to join the pinkside!

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