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Espisode III GAME trailer released...

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Well that's a pleasant update on the Lucasarts site....now we just need another for TSL.  o:)"


Check it out. :thumbsup:

EDIT: It contains **SPOILERS**  for the Episode III movie. You've been warned.  :ph34r:

been posted in another thread. I am not sure wether it was the EP3 game screen thread or the one about the "So the Emperor has a lightsaber" thread.

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That's what I call trailer. I really want to see something like that - battles that look like in the movie. The Jedi Knight Series weren't as good as I wanted to see them - too simple moves and even the most good loooking ones were more good looking than effective. Here the thinks are far better. But let's dont hesitate to judge.

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Neat graphics, but I don't think I'll be getting this game.


For me, story plays a huge part in a game, and since it's the video game representative of Episode III, then the story will be known.

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