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Is it me or......

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nnaw, because dark all will die in time because you want ultiamant power. meaning you are the only living thinga live. But fighting a whole empire kicks ass to just the dark is better.

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I like light side better too yeti...i like dark side too.....but i do think it would be so cool to have a whole empire looking for you only



get this...


you are sitting in a cantina having a drink on planet telos (for example), little do you know that the while sith fleet is looking for YOU ! alone...you mind a your own bussiness and suddenly a group of sith burst in...they go around table to table with a WANTED poster with a person on it..you take a little closer look at the poster that one of the sith is holding to your shock it is YOUR discription....you quitely sneak out of the cantina, luckily with out being noticed...

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