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Supposedly it was "rare" by the time of A New Hope but it was common way back in kotor time. I don't remember where I read this though.









this unsusual ore was known to repel the energy of a lightsaber blade. It was believed that Emperor Palpatine had some of the walls in the Imperial Palace on Coruscant lined with cortosis. The Jensaarai sect also used strands of this ore to layer their unique armor. Using the Force, they wove the cortosis into the shapes of vicious, predatory animals, making their armor forbidding as well as better able to defend themselves. The Chiss also knew of the strengths of cortosis, and used it in the walls that formed the Hand of Thrawn fortress on Nirauan. Despite its resistance to the blade of a lightsaber, cortosis was unstable in the presence of explosives, and would shatter if hit with a grenade. (IJ, VOF)

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Don't forget that this is 4000years before the empire. By that time cortosis was rare, but during this time, it was problably more abudant. They problably mined so much cortosis that only trace amounts were left, and it became a rare and very valuable metal.

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