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Are we allowed to bump topics?


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It depends, really. Use your best judgement. I don't like to see old, mega-page threads bumped, as long threads are usually spam-filled and wandering to off-topic discussions. More often than not, people that bump huge threads don't have anything great to add anyways and the thing just becomes a lumbering back-from-the-dead mess.

But if there's a fairly small and on-topic thread that's back a page or two and you've got something substantial to add to that discussion, then by all means use that thread rather than starting a new one.

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Youa re damned if you do; damned if you don't./


If you bump; youa re either spamming or ressurecting dead topics.


If you don't bump you are spamming another thread dealing with an existing topic that has other threads.


Mya dvice is to use your best judgement and ignore the whiners ... unless they are mods. They eat babies so obey them at all costs. :rolleyes:


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