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The Year of Shatner


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So, William Shatner has a brand new album out, a network television show (which, by the way, I highly recommend because of Shatner, James Spader and uber-hottie Rhona Mitra) and is the author of one of the new sayings on the Heinz ketchup bottle.



Could 2005 be all about Shatner?

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His show looks good, conning an entire town into working on a fake tv show. :D

Whats his Ketchup saying?


"Improving Burgers at Warp Speed!"


Much better than Lindsey Lohan's "It's Burger-licious" although it doesn't compare to Terry Bradshaw's "Served at the Immaculate Reception" :D


I forgot about Shatner's reality show. I was talking about his work as Denny Crain on ABC's Boston Legal. It's probably one of the best shows of the new season.

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