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A lot of stuff is made up by Fans, but I'm not one of those fans. I'm the most knowledgable fan you'll find on the subject.


Info before Sith War. Mandalore conquers a Planet in the far outer rim and names it after himself. He would later conquer planets outside the Mandalorian system, that would one day become the Mandalore sector.


I'll start with the Sith Wars. The Mandalore feels that his honorable people need a new crusade so he plans to attack the Empress Teta System so that he can go up against a worthy opponent known as Ulic Quel Droma. Mandalore attacks the ETS and then Challeneges Ulic to a fight to see who will get the Entire system. They fight on the plains of Kuar, a Mandalorian Base planet. There Ulic and Mandalore fight in a great battle, Mandalore loses. Instead of killing Mandalore Ulic decides to use him and his army. Together Ulic and Mandalore win many battles during the Sith War. Unfortunatly in one of the last battles of the Sith War(Onderon), Mandalore's forces were out numbered and Mandalore had to flee to the moon of Dxun. He was shot down and killed by the wild beast on the planet. Later when his MAndalorian Warriors searched for him, a lone Mandalore found his mask and continuied the Tradition, he became the new Mandalore


MAndalorian Wars you already know. What you might not know is that when Mandalore died at the battle of Malchor V another took up the title and became Mandalore. This is proven from HK-47 story, that is unless HK was fought and lost to a ghost.



200 years before ANH the Mandalorians wipe out the Ithullan race


100 years before ANH, Durge kills a Mandalore. Durge his found and the Mandalorians get vengence for his deed.


Some years before TPM, two Mercenary groups of Mandalorians split and become two groups known as the Peace keeper and the Death Watch. Jango fett would become part of the Peace Keepers under Jaster Mereel. Many battles were fought between the groups,but Jasters group came out no top, or so they thought. On a Mercenary mission the leader of the DW, Vizla, set a trap for the PK's and JAster was killed leaving Jango in charge of his group. Not long after Vilza would against set a trap for Jango causing the Jedi knights to attack and wipe out Jango's entire party. He was the last Mandalorian Merc.



During the Clone Wars the Mandalorians of Mandalore fought for the Confederacy. There lastest battle took place on New Holstice.


After the clone Wars, Palpatined enslaved the Mandalorians people, and used 212 of the last Warriors to do his bidding. In the end only 3 would survive, Fenn Shysa, Boba Fett, and Tobi Dala. Fett would go on to continuie his BH days, but Fenn and Tobi would return to MAndalore and try to save their people. 22 years later they would succeed with the help of Leia Organa, but Tobi would die in the process.


A few years later the Mandalorians system would be attacked by the Nagai. Fenn the new leader of the Mandalorians, would seek help from the Republic. On Endor the Nagai made a surprise attack and Fenn and his Mandalorians would help evac the planet. When the war ended the Mandalorians went to help the now Good Nagai find a new home.


Fenn and the Mandalorians of Mandalore haven't been seen since, but it's assumed not long after the nagai found a home, Fenn returned to free the rest of his sector from Imperial rule.


Fenn might have had his own dealing with the Vong.

KOTOR 2 must be completed

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QUOTE(Darth Ni @ Oct 8 2004, 04:35 PM)

Its funny from how they go to attacking and nearly destroying the republic to requesting their help later on.






that happens a lot in the real world too


not to go to a touchy subject but: Iraq... We were their allies and gave them weapons to fight Iran/Russia and stuff, now look...



Talk to the black Council Master guy on dantooine, sorry can't remember his name...

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