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How should a main character who is a jedi start th

How should a main character who is a jedi start the game?  

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  1. 1. How should a main character who is a jedi start the game?

    • As a Padawan who has grown up in the academy
    • As a normal person who suddenly discovers his force powers
    • As a Jedi who has lost his force abilities

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well for starters he should start out with force powers this time at her/his choosing and not have to go with out force powers at all.....it make in kotor a bit boring at the start with no powers.......its always fun with jedi powers

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I think it would be cool for him to start off accepted to the jedi academy so we can see him develop his abilities and character


Except for acceptence age would be alot like JK3: TA, i wouldnt have a problem with that but it would be alot of cut scenes wouldnt if they are accepted at that early a stage as in movies.

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It would be more realistic with a game that spun the entire length of a characters life and not just the brief few weeks it takes her/him to save the galaxy from the ever-present doom.



you play the intro as a small child


10 years later


you play some levels as a padawan


5 years later


you embark on your first tasks as a young jedi


5 years later


as a full jedi you embark on the usual quest to save the galaxy from the threat youve seen slowly building in the previos parts of the game.




Has this EVER been done in a RPG? I think its a grand idea that would add tons of potential depth to the story and your attachement to your character.



In Fable, they tried to implement a childhood training scene, but IMO it didn't work out too well


Personally i prefer the lost connection to the force or trained by some special means give more background possibilities and plot options, being raised at a academy with no contact with any social life of your past doesnt really leave much options to make you a living part inside the story.


Sure you can still do alot of stuff but it would just another regular bad guy comes along and we have to stop him.


Somewhat to say it becomes a more or less dead connection to plot aside from having to stop someone and gives more course for hack & slash type of game than actual rpg in my opion.


In other words as a outsider you become alien to the plot and it gives you less course to be involved mentally to its outfolding.

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i think i have to go with the whole tradition thing ie padawan, it just gives the story a bit more oooh i dunno, like a more quintessential star wars feel. i would love to like raise a jedi from the age of 14 or sumthin. mainly cos then i cud pretend it was me



lol im sad i know

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Think reason students was taken yearly was to allow bigger growth in their control of their force powers, and to teach them yearly to prepare them and make them less likely to fall to the dark side.


Older student have alot to learn and they had prior lives outside the academy which would for some make them more open to the dark side.


For instance living longer in community strenghed bonds to it family and such, if childs removed yearly it easier to protect them from grief or other things like loss.


But either way taking adult students is possible but a higher risk to them falling to the dark side.



i'm not so sure about this. take a look at the first game and bastila who was removed early yet her connection to her family is still rather strong. it simply provides more training in how to handle the emotions since the force is affected by emotions.


What is truely needed and it would be nice to start seeing it in perhaps the third installment is other perspectives on the force and people who use the force other than the "jedi order" or the Sith. the two make things overly simplistic when far more detail would help the story.


A Jedi perhaps that uses his or her emotions to fuel their power but arn't automatically evil. Willingness to fight or to attack to defend someone isn't automatically evil nor is it good.


ultimatly expanding the jedi mindset and various types will help with this.

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