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Force Powers and alignment limitations

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This one seems awfuly strange to me. A jedi master, walking entirely in the Light side hurls devastating lightning storms and weakens his enemies with dark skills! Why that? I suggest adding some limitations to force powers, depending on how far have you gone in your alignment.

E.g.: 3 level Force powers can not be used by drastic member of the opposite alignment. (But a neutral would be able to use all of them, but without bonuses. Simple and autentic and ballanced)

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It would be nice if using a dark or light side power would move the PC closer to neutral, so if you've been walking the light path and then use lightning, it moves you toward the gray area. I don't think it should continue to move you into the dark, however. That should be determined by how you play the game, not which powers you use. It would be cool if the number of dark side points it gives you were determined by how far into the light side you were, in order to strongly discourage a maxed out light sider from using dark powers. Of course the opposite would apply to a DS character using LS powers.


I think it should be up to the player which powers he chooses when he levels up. Don't restrict him from buying powers that aren't consistent with his allegience.

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I thought it was balanced because the light sider would take a large penalty when using the Dark Side powers. Using Dark Side powers too much though should give you dark side points.

Agreed on all points.

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