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I would like ti if the lightsaber was kept in the jedi's robes when you weren't using it, kind of looks stupid when you runign around alwasy hold your lightsaber in your hands, especially if you use two or a double bladed.


Plus it would make for some cool sequences to see your character whip out his saber before a battle

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What I remember is that the discussion was about having the weapon clipped on your belt and having it visible on the model and the devs said that would be way too time consuming but I suppose if it wasn't visible on the model and your character just whipped it out as blaster bolts started flying then maybe it is possilbe........heck they probably wouldn't even have to change the animations just make it so the lightsaber hilt can't be seen in your hand like it usually is. Probably it will end up as some sort of mod.

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Yeah I always found it funny with Bastila and her huge lightsabre always in hand guess she uses it so much there's no point to put it away...


There's more than a couple times I thought it was funny when I had one of my female chars and a 1-handed sabre running around with Bastila and that monstrous toy of hers...


Guess she likes them big...


Speaking of which, that reminds me of rotj (haven't seen it for years) when R2D2 shoots Luke's lightsabre out of a compartment and Luke catches it...how cool is that?

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K2 will have a rapid weapon switch function, if that was set to equip nothing then the result would the the same.

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