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When will we get more info on TSL?

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Hopefully none until the game is released :wacko:


LOL Obviously, you aren't familiar with LA's PR department. Although, I must admit I've been pleasantly suprised with the restraint they've shown so far Around this time (two months prior to XBox release) for KOTOR, much more was known about it.



For K2 there's what? About a half dozen new force powers confirmed, three NPC profiles and two planet profiles. And that's almost too much for my tastes.


I bet the next two months will be a busy time at Gamespot, IGN and the LA website though.

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When will obsidian/lucasarts release some new info on he game? Box art? another trailer, anything?


:lol: it would make us all very happy...


The Box art can be found in another at this forum :)

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