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Question for Ivan(or anyone who can answer it)

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In your last topic you mentioned that you got Uthar to accept Revan's place as leader of the Sith. I never had that happen and I was wondering how the hell did you accomplish it. If you remember I would appreciate? Thanks.

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After youve been on the Leviathan, go to Korriban, complete everything, and choose Uthar's side in the Naga Sadows tomb. After that admit that your Revan, and he will recognise you as Revan.

What he said.


And he doesn't so much take your side as let you know that he and the rest of the Sith will be ready to serve you if you defeat Malak. But that places him in a special category in comparison with the rest of the Sith you meet in-game, who will either not believe you're Revan, believe it and yet side with Malak, or just grunt-rush you and die on your lightsaber.

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