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Playmoreconsoles.com Interviews Chris Avellone

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I like the 'it's a dark game' quote. The more like PS:T the game gets, the better. My main worry is the game length, as KOTOR was far too short. If they wanted to make it that length, they should have reduced the number of planets so at least each planet felt like a planet rather than, for example a tiny swamp with a few treehuts in it.

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Interviewed : Chris Avellone, Lead Designer

Topic : Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

Company : Obsidian Entertainment

Interviewed by : Tyrell

Date : 15/61/04


wow, 15/61/04, never thought that would happen :lol:

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oh, and i noticed this...


PMC: Will the "I have a bad feeling about this" line be said by a character in The Sith Lords? :lol:


CA: Within the first couple of levels. It`s one of the character`s special powers when danger is about to rear its ugly head - it`s a cue to save the game.


are there going to be actual levels?????


well, at elast there is another special power

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Not "levels" in the platform game, run through them once and move on sense, just as a synonym for areas, zones, etc.

Are you trying to tell me KotOR2 isn't a platformer??

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