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NO More Mythological Force Thingys!

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Midicholorians are symbiotes for force sensitives because the person and midicholorian benefit from each other. If the person is not a force sensitive then Midichlorians are mutialist that means they benefit from but don't hurt the other organism. They are not parasites because being a parasite means benefitting from the other organism and at the same time hurting it.

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I agree with pretty much everything in this thread regarding not "adding" anything to what's already been said about the Force and Force usage in Eps. IV - VI. Anything that robs an inherently mystical energy of that mysticism is bad, in my humble opinion. Don't believe me? Watch "Highlander 2".




Anyway, The Force is bad enough as is. Instead of inflating it with escalating factors, let's just use what's already there. There is plenty to go around!

The old TV series was pimpin' though. :D I still make regular Duncan McCloud refrences when talking about swordplay. B)

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