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I cast a Scroll of Great Abjuration with Arcana 15, so I expect to have +7 ACC from my Arcana score (+1 ACC for power level rounded, 15 arcana = +7.5 power level), but it doesn't apply: is that a bug?

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Posted (edited)
18 hours ago, thelee said:

it's possible it might be coded wrong and doesn't have a 0 innate power level.

From the code, it has 0 innate power level. It's the scaling which fails.

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Ok, I have retried and this time the +7 bonus has applied:

But I swear I had 89 ACC latest time and no bonus at all.
Maybe because this time I reach 15 arcana with Arcanist's Balm and before with items?
Trying this approach and ideed the bonus still apply.

Mysteries of PoE 😄
Perhaps having quit and reloaded fix some dirty data or more likely I haven't seen +7 because is it's called "Level" also...

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, if the issue raises again I'll let you kwnow.
Thank you all :)

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