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Our national election is on Wednesday, we have over 100 political parties who are submitting candidates. Its a ridiculous number of political parties and its a waste of votes and political campaigning resources but we a new Democracy so most South Africans still need to understand that " less is better " when it comes to available political parties and voting choices. We should only have 5-7 political parties at the national level

What is significant about this election is there is a very good chance the ANC will get less than 50% of the national vote, I predict they will get 40-45%, for the first time in the last 30 years

So they will need a coalition party to govern the country and that is where it gets interesting, who will the ANC choose and what will they have to compromise on if anything at all?

End of the day not much is going to change after this election because until we see a new political party running the country, like my party the DA, our main  structural government  problems, economic problems  and lack of governance and accountability on the national level are going to continue

But as I mentioned this election is still significant because the ANC will more than likely lose its majority for the first time in 30 years

A bigger concern for me is the emergence and strength of radical left parties that espouse socialist nationalization policies like the EFF and the new MK party

But Wednesday is going to be an exciting voting day around  final outcomes 🥂

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Whoops, wrong thread.

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Politics... politics never change

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