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Rather than trying to arrive at containers on the right day, I just do dungeons when I want to, and when I reach a "random" loot container, I check the wiki for what can be in it. If I don't want any of it, I just pick whatever's there. If I want something, I console it in and leave the Item of the Day in the container.

Rather than save scumming adventures and keeping low prestige (because I really want Wyrwood Ring), I give myself the items I want with the console and cancel a few adventures to compensate.

Who's with me?

My Deadfire mods
Out With The Good: The mod for tidying up your Deadfire combat tooltip.
Waukeen's Berth: Make all your basic purchases at Queen's Berth.
Nemnok's Congregation: Lets all priests express their true faith.

Deadfire skill check catalogue right here!

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