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Stand Your Ground

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One thing that drove me nuts was that there was no way to command them to Stand Your Ground..so they wouldn't follow you. An example is if I wanted to make just one of them hang back some while I closed in with the other. I know there's solo mode but to toggle across them only to know with all certainty once you switched off that character they'd queue up whatever action the computer generated was very frustrating. Some other commands that'd rock are:


Fall Back, they'd just move back the maximum distance of their equiped range weapon (heading the direction away from the enemy while attempting to stay behind you if at all possible..no idea how bad the algorithms for this would be, but it'd be really nice, tactically speaking)


Or a Go Melee/Go Ranged command to make them swap between their weapon quickslots and change AI accordingly.


Just an idea I had while chatting tactics w/ a buddy.

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Are you sure? I thought there was a solo mode you could toggle so that you could control a single character without the otheres following you.

That is what I am so sure about....in Solo mode you could have 3 seperate little battles going on...and the two you aren't controlling are at the mercy of the AI w/o direction from you. This is not a tactical situation I prefer. It's best (in my mind) to have a few clear and consise commands at my disposal. NWN and the BG series had several if you reflect on it...the BG series had formations and AI profiles that made sense...if you set them to ranged they kept back...usually with the melees in the middle. In NWN you had a hold your ground a follow me (where they were fairly good about not engaging at all) and a gaurd me where if you weren't agressed upon they sat back. These are some elements I found lacking in KotOR.

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