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Hi folks. I've just hit level 16 in current run and about to start doing the DLCs. Last time around the wheel I did the DLCs without using the "sidekicks". This time I want to see their dialogue. Two questions:

1) Firstly, my understanding is that the following sidekicks have significant content in the DLCs: BoW (Vatnir and Ydwin), SSS and FS (Konstantin and Fassina). Is that about right? Do Ydwin and Vatnir get any content in SSS and FS? 

2) I stumbled upon a post that suggests that Rekke actually gets a good amount of content in the above DLCs. I assumed in my previous run through that he had no significant content seeing as he doesn't speak any Deadfire language. Is it worth taking him with me?

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20 hours ago, Vasvary5050 said:

What about Rekke? Does he get any dialogue content in the DLCs (or the vanilla game for that matter)?

iirc reke mostly gets random barks. enough for a bit of an arc in vanilla, but not a *ton*. i think he probably gets the least content overall.

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Was just doing a playthrough and sided with the Huana which prompted Pallegina to leave my party (stole all my sick ****ing items too like Magran Favor). To replace her I grabbed Fassina and I have to say she did have lots to say during the DLC which was a welcome surprise.

Fassina also pretty strong with Caedbalds Blackbow and made pretty easy work of the sanctum.

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