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This build is in reality an "end-game party composition" because a priest is needed, and it is about not one, but two builds of hired SC Barbarians who behave as one entity.

Most of time, it is easy to estimate the DPS, but in this case, I dont know how many strikes are done per second. 


Classes : 2* Barbarians (Berserkers, because of Tenacious)

Races : Humans (+7acc, +15% damage)

Stats :

  • Might  high
  • Constitution  very low
  • Dexterity low
  • Perception very high
  • Intellect  very high
  • Resolve  very low

Needed abilities and passives :

  • Carnage (default)
  • Blooded
  • Accurate Carnage
  • Bloody Slaughter
  • One Stands Alone
  • Bloodlust
  • Uncanny Luck
  • Improved Critical
  • Leap
  • Brute Force
  • Blood Thirst
  • Spirit Tornado for one, Blood Storm for the other
  • Barbaric Retaliation
  • Prestige

Equipment (for both of them with Import, otherwise the grey item as alternative) :

  • Serpent's Crown - Heaven's Cacophony 
  • Torc of the Falcon's Eyes -Charm of Bones - Baubles of the Fin, Strand of Favor
  • Violet Redemption - Cloak of the Theocrat 
  • Glove of the Dungeon Warden - Gauntlets of Accuracy (same effect)
  • Harmonie (only for one) / Kuaru's Prize (for the other) - Ring of the Marksman - Ring of Overseeing
  • Boots of the Stone - Sandals of the Waterlily


  • Effigy's Husk with Eye of Blackstone , Aloth's Leather Armor (without Fire in the Hole)

Food : Mari Crudia - Crusted Swordfish

Pet (watcher) : Atlas/Harley (or Blinky / Nikky, see below)



The reached point with the equipment and weapon choice is to have +100 from deflection value in accuracy, to get 100% crit chance at melee (see below). 

Dual weapons, the melee crit part :

Rannig's Wrath (Flanking and Redoublement): +20acc (modal), +5accurate, +4 Thrusting >>> +29acc

The damages-to-enemies part :

Fire in the Hole (the bounce, the modal AoE (with Perception immunity)

or, optional, Keeper of the Flame (the fire AoE vs reflex, +4acc with Sweet aroma)  >>> +33acc

or Current's Rush

or the Weyc Wand 


Also, nice alternatives with this build are Estocs, with a damaging effect to enemies limited to Carnage (excepted for Eager Blade).

Estoc modal (-15 defl, +2pen) dont stack with frenzy, so -5 deflection, translated into +5acc)

  • Eager Blade (Vehemence (+8acc) and Bounding Strike (pierce AoE vs reflex))>>> +13acc
  • Blade of the Endless Path (Seeker's Prize (+10acc), Marking (-20 deflection)>>> +35acc
  • Engoliero do Espirs (for Cruel Blade)>>> +5acc



Barbaric Retaliation trigger a full-attack on crit that doesnt have neither action time neither animation. The retaliation can obviously also crit.

With their stats and legendary upgrade for weapons, so considering a base acc of 105 and a base deflection of 67, these traits become in fight :

105 +7 (human spirit)+ 5 (Dire Blessing) +10 (Devotions of the Faithful)+10 (Serpent's Crown) +29 (for Rannig's Wrath, see above) +3 gloves : 169acc

67 -10 (frenzy) = 57 deflection


That mean the couple of barbarians, when attacking each other at melee, have 100% chance to crit, triggering a cascade of full-attacks and carnage in ping-pong that cause vertical lignes of damage to close enemies. 


 The bounce from Fire in the Hole (and his AoE from the modal) or the AoE from Keeper of the Flame proc each time, also carnage do. Without the Harmonie Ring, to immunity of intellect for both barbarians, the other party members can die immediately. And without immunity to perception (Effigy's Husk), barbarians loose 10acc (-5 Dire Blessing, -5 per), but that can be adusted by the Serpent's Crown (+10acc on crit). 

Because of Spirit Storm 's staggering effect on hit (downgraded to nothing with the Boots of Stone for barbarians), enemies will suffer to -10 fortitude, and Carnage and Fire in the Hole's bounce (vs deflection) can  target the fortitude with Brute Force.

Carnage is affected by PL, Accurate Carnage, Serpent's Crown, Perception, Dire Blessing, and Devotions for the Faithful.

Without Priest and Barring Death Door, the barbarians are insta-killed. A brilliant priest can indefinitely prolong that, but for most of the fight, +20s from double cast of Salvation of Time is largely enought. Salvation of Time is mandatory because sometimes, the couple of barbarians have to go nearby other enemies (at carnage and bounce range) with Leap, so that require time.

Without Dire Blessing and Devotion for the Faithful, Blinky or Nikky as watcher's pet allow to reach the difference of 100 between deflection and accuracy. (157acc)


With BpM, carnage can crit, so can trigger Hemorraging from Effort, and Avenging Storm. I mention that because it is a double-chain, but the Rannig's Wrath / Fire in the Hole combination is already a big deal.

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On 9/5/2022 at 10:19 PM, thelee said:

sorry i replied to your dm w/out seeing this post - were you able to get to a dual-wielding state that didn't crash?

Yes, the game freeze while using Scordeo's Edge or Sun and Moon but that rarely happen with the set I finally present (Rannig's Wrath is the only sure way to crit chain when dual wielding, the Blade of the Endless Path is the only sure way with two handed weapon (but the killing AoE is restricted to Carnage AoE)). If there is too much enemies, this weapon is better for the safety of the game.

Edit : my game doesnt crash anymore since I equip the first barbarian with the "bouncing" set and the second with the Blade of the Endless Path. 

Edited by Constentin Lévine
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