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What are the weapons that synergize well with ciphers? (solo)

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I'm on the grindy leveling up stage of a Steel Garrote/cipher, and finding it hard to decide what weapon to use for best damage. I feel Kapana Taga is a must for modal and defensive enchantments, but offensively it's not very impressive, I'm considering Scordeo's Trophy for "main" weapon, since the reduced recovery can help with cipher spells, and range allows the character to better sustain stoic steel. Maybe another hard hitting weapon for inevitable melee situations?

Also how does the CP biting whip fare against draining whip? Draining whip gives another 0.5 * weapon damage to focus gain, if convert the extra focus to Soul Annihilation, considering might and PL it would be close to biting whip's 20% raw lash, but I guess the lash can contribute to SG's heal so it might be worth taking?

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I always pick draining whip when playing soulblade or beguiler. Cp mod makes a biting whip good pick also, but I think I have picked only once with arcane archer/ ascendant.


Good weapons I would consider are willbreaker(lowers fortitude and Will), sun and moon (gaining Focus after dumping IT) and whispers of the endless path (aoe annhilation), but on a solo play I would have one slot open for large shield.

Edit. Seeker's fang is one beautiful weapon eventually.

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Generally weapons that have AOE components are great for ciphers since they can gain focus whenever they proc. These include weapons like Keeper of the Flame (paired with the Frostfall Mace by @Constentin Lévinein his Wit of Entropy build), Sungrazer, Magran's Favor and Grave Calling. The latter is particularly great for ciphers when fighting vessels since the chill fogs it produces will build focus for you. But for a melee oriented inquisitor, I'd recommend Magran's Favor in your main hand and Sungrazer (with the Extinction Event and Meteoric upgrades) in the off hand. For an Ascendant or Soulblade Whispers of the Endless Paths would also be great. For the Ascendant, you can proc Offensive Parry when attacked while casting, which will heal you and afflict your attacker. It's also great for a soulblade as you can proc soul annihilation in an AOE, hitting multiple opponents if you set it up well.

For melee oriented builds, I prefer biting whip (with CP) for the very nice 20% raw lash. But I always pick Draining Whip with beguilers and ascendants.

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Iirc the fire shield of Margran's Blessing generates focus and also drains life (if enemy is afflicted - see Steel Garrote) - because it is treated as melee weapon attack. That's only small numbers though I guess, but it's rare to find things that give you something while being defensive (doesn't work against ranged attacks).

Whispers of the Endless Paths with Offensive Parry also generates focus and drains life with a defensive action: the Parry itself (100% on enemy melee miss). Since Paladin/Cipher can reach pretty good deflection via passives + RES inspiration + Borrowed Instinct (even without a shield) this might be nice against groups of mostly melee enemies (doesn't work against ranged attacks). 

Grave Calling with Chilling Grave is an awesome weapon as soon as you go against vessels. The Chillfog is treated like a weapon attack and will generate focus. I didn't try if it also drains life for a Steel Garrote (I guess not because not melee?).


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