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Name : Priam

Race : Pâle elfe

Classes : Beguiler Bellower

stats : 10-3-19-19-18-8 (+2 with the Benediction from Berath)

Notables abilitys and spells :

Chanter' invocations:

Her Revenge Swept Across the Land (when coupled with the Least Unstable Coil, you potentially can get every third level inspirations, because each target at lest grazed go to proc another roll)

Rejoice, my comrades! Two fingers of daylight ( that can help you for the resolve immunitie without food and drink you need for keeping your inspirations)

Shatter Their Shackles, Cast off Their Chains (same as before but for dexterity. Don't take the upgrade, that just clear the dexterity affliction to your allies, but not yourself, and with no duration. Useless when you equip your thaenic shoes, see later)

Chanter' phrases :

Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O'er Words 

The Long Night's Drink Birthed the Revenge of Morning

Cipher' spells :

Every deceptions spells of course 


Screaming souls

Stasis Shell

The empty Soul

other talents:

Spell shaping (to hit more ennemies with your lightning)

Accurate Empower



Keeper of the flame (-8 will around you, hit everybody around your target, gain more concentration. Otherwise in a barbarian MageSlayer hand, every ennemies (and himself) in a AoE is spell disrupted! and each hit will carnage (carnage don't disrupt anyway)

Frostball (dispersed suffering is awesome, and you can freeze on critical hit, even an dexterity immune ennemie. That is why i use my Mythic Adra Stone on it)

Second weapon slot: Sasha singing sabre, to equip before casting lightning attack, give you un empower point to use for each encounter

 the Horns of the Aurochs 

Strand of flavor

Shroud of phantasm (Living illusions are perfects for casting Screaming souls, and you gain action speed )

Rekvu's Stained Grasps (To keep your Solidity alive)

Harmony( Same for the resolve immune but for intellect one, if you don't have the good food)

Kurau's Prize (the perfect ring for this build)

Sandals of the Water Lily (dexterity immune, and you begin more attractive for ennemies, and you need that)

Waidwen's Sundial (entropist' trinket)

Effigy's Husk ( Contempt, Armor of Flesh (might immune), and the skaen's  resentment is perfect for you, again)

Least Unstable Coil ( 15 % action speed when you kill your Illusions, provide you when cast Her Revenge Swept Across the Land:

  •          Brilliant (as bellower, you loose your phrases when you have used one, you go to 27 int and extra PL)
  •          Intuitive (with your amount of accuracy and the Hit-to-Crit conversion, you crir a lot, so ...)
  •          Energized (...each spell is going to interrupt ,also phrases, and ennemies can't refresh their concentration with Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O'er Words)
  •          Swift (you cast quickly, and you move freely, and more freely with your helm)
  •          Robust ( to compensate your low constitution, low armor rating, and heal you)
  •          Courageous (you can't be interrupt, and you are also at 15 resolve, with your strand of flavor you reduce hostile effect like Arcane dampener if you didnt stop the caster before, or other priest's spells)

Food and Drinks : Early in the game you have access to Wael's wind, and you can buy some Luminous Lobster . Both give you Intellect, Resolve and Perception immune, and when you combine this last one with some rhum and oysters, you can craft the Captain's banquet, with same bonus plus damage and rapidity with yous spells.

Because of the relativity, it is just like there is a 10 numbers' difference between you and your ennemies, which cant heal themself correctly,who are unable to remove your inspirations, and are constantly interrupted , losoe all their defenses, and damaged by big AoE spells or Near death explode spells. After all, you challenge gods and kill dragons, everyone seem like diminished against you. This is why you are the watcher herald of berath. 




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