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[Help] (Status Effect) Using one Defense in place of another?

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Hey hi,
I've an idea for a mod that seemed pretty fun and simple, but after looking into it I'm not entirely sure it's feasible.

Basically I want to make a status effect that uses one defense in place of another (e.g. Reflex instead of Deflection). I got the idea from the Evasive/Arrow Shield talents in Tyranny.

I couldn't find any StatusEffectTypes that do something like this, so I figured the next easiest approach would be making a status effect that sets Deflection's value to the current value of Reflex (e.g. if your Deflection was 46 and Reflex was 78, Deflection would become 78 instead).

Looking through the StatusEffectComponent, I was thinking I could set StatusEffectType to "Deflection", then use DynamicValue and set its Stat to Reflex. But  "Stat" doesn't seem to have that option.

So I'm reaching out to see if anyone here might have some insight for this; whether there's a better way to do this, or if there's even a way to do this at all 😅 if you're still reading this, thanks for hearin me out. 

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