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AI scripting defence check conditionals (fortitude, will, reflex, deflection)

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I've been really enjoying playing with deadfire's AI scripting system - to the point where setting up custom character scripts had become a core part of creating a new character build for me.

One frustration I have is that it doesn't seem like you can tell a character to only cast a spell if there is a X+% chance to hit a target. You can say "target the enemy with the least will" for example (if your spell checks against will), but this is only after the character already has decided to cast.

This is a pretty big deal imo, because it kind undermines the utility of scripting. Without scripts, my basic combat process is to go through every character, and check for every spell they have what their chance to hit would be against every enemy. It seems key in poe to use the right spell against the right enemies. If the script can't do something like this for you, then I don't see how it's useful for it to cast abilities/spells at all besides simple buffs.

For example, I have a cipher tank who I want to stay alive, hit stuff with a club's bewildering strikes and cast whisper of treason on any enemy that I have a reasonable chance to hit (will less than a threshold). Currently all that ends up happening is they repeatedly try to cast on the same "lowest will" enemy with a say 40% hit chance and keep missing. Here I would rather they just attack.

Anyone know how this might be accomplishable? Or if there's something else that would help me here?

See discussion at https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/v1v7jw/ai_scripting_defence_check_conditionals_fortitude/as well 


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I didn't check this ingame now but from the top of my head I see no way to accomplish this with the conditions that are given. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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