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Historical Games for Obsidian

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Obsidian should take a page out of Ubisoft’s book and create deeply historical games that could be much better than Ubisoft’s. It would be awesome to see RPG’s,  linear games, and others in settings like the Stone Age, Ancient Sumer, Babylon, early Ancient Egypt, Incan, Aztec, or Mayan America; Ancient China, the Roman Empire, etc. Some could be in the age of guns in settings between the 1500’s to the late 1900’s. So much potential. Obsidian just needs to find the right people and this could be a successful experiment.

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Logic Artists in recent years had kind of specialized in this kind of thing with their Expeditions series (Conquistador, Viking, the recently release Rome). The latter is the last though, as the studio is no more and the team will focus on NFT games in the future. Expeditions: Rome Developer Logic Artists Closing Down to Make NFT Games | TechRaptor

Perhaps it's not that profitable still to make RPGs that aren't strictly fantasy, sci-fi or post apocalyptic -- some people shied away even form OBsidian's own Deadfire due to the strong piratey vibes already present on the game's release art. (I think that's a shame as I'd like to see other scenarios as well, even fictional ones, horror/GOthic kind of stuff has been of very short supply). 

The upcoming historical project form Sawyer will be made with small staff likely for reason. 

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I had to look up what this was, but I'm very intrigued it sounds like an interesting project. Obsidian would be great for this. Anecdotally, I found that keeping notes through a series of newspaper debates made it easy to track how an idea spread. I cross referenced this with census data for 1901 and 1911 and could roughly (only worthy of an Appendix mention) see a point at which two indiviuduals may have met and became friendly - they lived closer now and their ideas suddenly came closer to agreement.

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