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Creating Downward Ramps From An Elevated Position

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Can we have it so we can place the slanted clover roof pieces, or even an acorn stairway, blueprint down from a higher level?

Trying to build higher floors/stories, but then when I try to place a stairwell or ramp down, I'm unable to, because it's unsupported. Sure you can build from the ground up, but sometimes you get ahead and start working on the next floor earlier than anticipated. Would like to at least be able to place down the blueprint as a visual guide to make sure everything can connect properly before wasting resources...

When I try to do it on uneven ground though, sometimes I can't get them to connect due to miscalculations and no way to judge if they are properly aligned until after building, and thus, wasted resources, since stairs and even floor pieces have some give on where they can be placed on the ground, not always snapping into place, like in some other areas of the game.


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Agree! Blueprints are just that......blueprints. Support is necessary for when you build the structure from the ground upward. Not when you are planning a build. And sometimes you need to reach a stone ledge or a grass walkway at the proper level.....if you start at the bottom you will never match up with your target location.  There are work-arounds, but they are time consuming and totally unnecessary.  Usually have to use three times the amount of resources to make it work. Not practical. Or logical. :) 

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you can build ramps and stairs downward by cheesing it a bit. place a wall next to the floor, but shift it down so that the floor lines up with the middle of the wall. the place your ramp or stairs. the wall will give the support. the platform i'm standing on in this pic is all supported by the wall the stairs are next too.  as long as part of the wall is below the level of the floor, you can attach stairs to it.


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