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As you may know Nannasin's Cobra Strike is a very potent summoned ranged weapon for Wizards, but is has a very short range (1.8 meters - like a Pike or Quarterstaff).

With this little trick you can use it up to a range of 8 meters:

  1. put a pistol, wand or scepter into your main hand
  2. summon Cobra Strike
  3. summon Concelhaut's Draining Touch -> the right hand's Cobra will get replaced with the Draining Touch
  4. hit something with Draining Touch -> the Draining Touch will disappear and the Cobra will not return but instead your weapon of choice will
  5. use Full Attacks from up to 8 meters away (Rogue's strikes, Monk's Stunning Surge, Fighter's Penetrating Strike, Paladin's Flames of Devotion...) -> the attack will be executed with both weapons and the short range of Cobra Strike will get ingnored as long as you use Full Attacks

That's it. Maybe nice to know. Certainly nothing gamebreaking though. ;) 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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