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Some Base Building and Material Ideas

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Just some items that crossed my mind while building my base.

*Glass like material from insect wings

  • iridescent insect glass door and windows
  • gothic rose insect window
  • skylight roof

*Paper like Material = From a paper birch tree bark maybe where you can carve this material. It spawns like the sap clump.

  • sprig shoji screen doors
  • paper boat for carrying grass and sticks across the pond without relying on the zipline 

*architectural beams = stick beams, clay beams, clay arches, pebble arches, mushroom arches

*autumn leaf = oak tree seems to be carrying them, dunno why this is not a thing yet. 

  • autumn leaf walls, floors, doors, and roof 

*Floor Doors 

*More Lighting Options

  • bigger chandeliers, up lighting, strip lighting.

*Pantry/fridge = made from mint maybe, preserves bug meat longer, frozen smoothies upgades duration.

*bar tables with storage, and bar chairs

*venus flytrap trap = attracts gnats for passive gnat meat farm

*water features= fountain, aquarium(grows moss outside pond, shrimp pet.)

*musical furniture= web harp, acorn cello

*decorative ground cover

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1 hour ago, Boneless pizza said:

it would also be cool to be able to dig ditches for a base to sit in. and also tunnels for building small cashes.

download (15).jpeg

download (16).jpeg

You wouldn't want weather in game if they implement this. A flooding mechanic s bas structure stability would be ick.  I dunno I played 7days die which had the tunneling ability and it bogged the game down caused issues with floating terrain and base collapses from a mob eating the foundation for no reason

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