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The all things Political Topic - For who in this dark, dream-haunted Land dares Resist the righteous flame of Wrath And Doom themselves to despair and death?

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2 minutes ago, Guard Dog said:

I know a perfect solution to this Cuba problem. Cuba has a lot of people who want liberty. We have a lot of people who want oppression (antifa). Let's trade! :lol:

A capitalist solution to a communist problem!

Well at the very least you'd have to drop the embargo first.

I think a lot of people would be disappointed to have a bunch of angry Cubans come over because big parts of the protests are opposition to the austerity measures by the Cuban government during the pandemic, systematic racism against black Cubans, and police brutality. Something tells me the US doesn't quite have all that sorted out, and the same folks supporting Cubans now would be calling for the military to put them down if they tried to do the same things here.

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