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Multiplayer definitely needs a fix. Anytime I hop in a friends game their base is always loading when I go away from it. And its always lagging to the point we have a hard time fighting the bugs together. And also the games makes it seem we're in another area when we are right there in each others face. I think the recent updates cause this because it this wasn't happening a month ago.

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Hey TheRealest91! I'm sorry that you and your friend have been dealing with these multiplayer issues. I checked with the team to see if anything had changed in the 0.9.0 series of patches, and nothing was changed on the networking side. Can you please send in a bug report to our support team so we can work with you to gather information to help investigate this issue?  

Please include the following information:

1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Steam). 
2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game (if multiplayer, can you let us know how many players in total in the game and their platforms if you know this) 
3. Description of issue. 
4. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable.

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I can also vouch that this is happening to my friends as well.

1. I am playing on PC through steam, friends through mixed pc and xboxes

2. Multiplayer, four players but also happening with three players as well.

3. When I host a multiplayer game I experience no lag and the game runs 100% 60 fps at most times. My friends however say they cannot play because the world is constantly loading around our main base. I "myself" along with two other players are playing on PC, while our fourth friend is playing on xbox one. This happens primarily around our main base which is built atop the wooden fence posts in front of the pond. The game also randomly lags for them throughout the rest of the map although not as game breaking as by the main base. Its important to note that our main base is not that elaborate, while it stretches across the wooden fence it doesn't have a roof and is a single story high.    

4. We were building additions to our main base. Originally I had chopped a weed plant down and built over it. I do believe this originally caused the game to glitch as every new weed plant that grew would turn into planks. However this never caused the game to lag prior to the new patch. We would just harvest the planks and continue playing. With the new patch my friends noticed the lag getting worse. I then removed everything away from the weed plant but that is when the game became worse for everybody. I verified with my own eyes on my friends xbox that he was experiencing terrible frame drops but I thought that might have more to do with the xbox hardware then anything else. No matter if I remake the game it still is laggy for everyone.

Im now stuck with a cool built up world that I can play in fine but my friends cant play with me because the frame drops are to massive for them. 😞


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