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More insect-interraction

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As the title says, of course including bugs no matter how many legs :p


I get that for game balance we can't have every single critter fighting each other. But when most predatory creatures only attack each other if attacked first leads to a lot of nothing happening with them. 

Orb Weavers and Wolf Spiders would Duke it out in real life. 

Seeing the spiders hunt other insects would be a nice change of pace. Orb Weavers ignore anything that goes into their webs, when they should chow down imo. I've only seen wolf spiders fighting stink bugs once, and that was because the stink bug sprayed and the spider walked through it. Apart from that it's all peaceful and happy ....until I walk by. 



So a little more bug-on-bug violence would go down a treat I think!

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