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Feature to cancel an arrow shot

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Gotta say, as I'm trying to hunt bees, I'm getting tired of shooting my arrow into the ground to cancel the shot. Idk if there actually is a button for it, because if there is, I haven't found it. I keep wanting to just press X to cancel the shot like in most games that have bows. It's not a huge issue, but still would be a nice inclusion.

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Well yeah, it does cancel the shot, but brings up that menu I mentioned. It technically does work, but it feels like a workaround rather than the feature I mentioned. Either way, its a small quality of life change, nothing major. But archer players would like the change, Im sure. 

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Crazy that, after a year, this still hasn't been remedied. I play with a controller and have always been annoyed by having to bring up the ammo radial to cancel shots.

In my short time with this game - as much as I love it - I do feel that the development team is painfully slow with addressing core issues and even game-breaking bugs.

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