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Icons for Every type of Resource and Bug to better organize chests.

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I think it would be a good idea to have icons for every type of resource and bug in the game. So for example if I were to craft a storage chest and fill it with clay I would choose the clay icon so I will know what chest to go to if I need more clay. And the same thing for sprigs, sap and bug parts. Its just difficult trying to be organize and remembering where stuff is and the icons we do have available don't do a good job at describing whats inside the storage chest.

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While the suggestion has merit until anything is done the plant leaf with an associated color can be a temporary solution for plant based raw material. For bugs i use the ant symbol and a matching color for small bugs, and the spider symbol and matching color for larger bugs. For liquids either the tear drop or splatter symbol and a color can work. For rocks you can use the crumb or diamond and a color. The other thing to do is use the tool symbol and a color to represent a resource acquired by the use of that tool ex red shovel would be your clay box.

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You can also use the bug head mount if you're doing something similar to what I'm doing. I'm making like a village in the sky and each small house is like a storage/store and what I'm using is the bug head mounts to let players know what type of resource is in there. The only downsize is that there isn't a stinkbug head mount or mosquitoe or firefly but the bee head mount is coming so hopefully the others will come too.

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